Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh my back, oh my neck, oh my neck & my back

I feel lame that I haven't any pictures to add lately. But since this blog is clearly all about being a place for me to vent & not much else, I shall go on anyway.
There, now I feel better. Nope, never mind, I don't.
I smell like lysol (barf) and cake (very unbarfy) but the combination thereof is quite barfy. I haven't had a shower today, and at this point, there's really no point, is there? I was making myself work my brains out today with the promise of a very long, very nice bubble bath in Becky's aMAZing bathroom, but honestly, it's 11:13 & I'm too tired to bother.
Today I:
Baked 3 12x 18 layer cakes
Made 3 recipes of buttercream
Ignored my daughter almost completely (don't worry, she was pretty fine with it as she had 5 cousins to annoy all day.)
Did probably 18 loads of stinky football boy laundry
Fed 4 hungry football boys and all their huge Polynesian football friends copious amounts of food
Did probably 3,425 loads of dishes due to combined feeding frenzies & cake making
Swept & vacuumed the entire upstairs
Wiped down all the cupboards in the kitchen
Reorganized & cleaned the Tupperware drawers, phone book drawer, candy drawer, plastic utensil drawer & the cereal drawers
And most importantly, thoroughly enjoyed the (hilarious/thought-provoking/deep/silly/stupid) conversations I had with my niece & nephews as they went about their crazy days.
I felt like the eye of the storm there in the kitchen, and guess what? I loved everyminute of it. I want a whole passel of teenagers more than I can express. They are the most awesome human beings alive. Everything is available to them at that age; they're right their on the precipice of real life. It is so cool to hear the way they see things & what they think & feel. These kids in particular are extraordinary. (btw I think that extraordinary is a really stupid word. Technically it means lots of ordinary, but that's not what it means. Dumb.)
Anyway, I get a little miffed to think that I will probably never have a whole passel of teenagers. Sawyer will more than likely be 5 or 6 years older than her sibling, and who knows how many kids that kinda spacing will set us up for. So I guess I'd better enjoy it while I can, huh?
Don't worry I do.

Oh, also, I think I've about had it with not having a dog. Sawyer constantly plays some variation of either "puppy-puppy" or "dog-dog" all day long. (these are names she's made up for trotting around on all fours like a dog). She wants to go to the pet store every time we're out & about. She is obsessed with Animal Planet. She freaks out if I don't let her meet every dog she sees on the street. This girl needs a dog in her life.
Anyone have bad dog allergies & know of a breed that might work? I'm thinking poodle right now, but frankly I've always hated them for some reason.

Today Sawyer came up to me with a drawing she had made on waxed paper. It was of her jumping off a building. I kinda freaked out in my head at first until she explained that it was part of the ballet that she was doing down at the bottom of the paper. It was a really good drawing, just kinda disturbing. I don't think she has any idea that jumping off a building might not be a good idea. 5 minutes later she came in with the left over crusts of her sandwich on a plate. She had torn them into little pieces & offered one to me saying: "just take one & think about Jesus."
I figured that even if she did have suicidal tendencies, at least she also has an appreciation of the atonement, right?
Good night.


schmath said...

I read that it's not the breed that causes allergies, it's the individual dog. Supposedly it's not the hair or fur, it's the saliva that contains the allergen, and different dogs produce different amounts of it in their saliva. So you could be allergic to one poodle and not to another. I don't know if it's true, I just read it on the internet.

That whole scenario with Sawyer and the bread is hilarious!

schmath said...

P.S. You could foster some teenagers when Sawyer is that age. My brother is thinking about doing that. He likes teenagers too. Or you could adopt kids that are Sawyer's age right now.

Kirsten said...

That's so cute of Sawyer. I too love those teens. You can have my teens over anytime when they are teens. I know our houses will be open door policy for each others kids as they grow up. Also my neighbors have a MIKI, hypo-allergenic they say. They are little and yappy, which probably makes you want to cry comparing them to Charlie. Anyhow, I can't wait to see you tomorrow night, YEA FOR BIRTHDAYS!!

Anna said...

My friend said Cockapoo(Cocker Spaniel mix with poodle) is hypoallergenic. And they are pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

Mini Schnauzer's like mine, have no pet dander, shedding or anything like that.
They have soft hair that has to be cut off like a lamb.
Troy is allergic to animals, but not Saydee.
They are really awesome companions and love kids. I love that she is small enough to sit on my lap.
Saydee is very hypoallergenic. She does think she is a person though... :0)

Happy B-Day!!!!!