Monday, August 31, 2009

I'll get to all that in just a second...

I have major updating to do, but I just stumbled upon this little gem, and am kinda in awe.
I have ALWAYS wanted to go to South Africa. When I was in junior high, my sister & I were pretty much obsessed with the movie The Power of One. I pulled up the trailer on YouTube to see if I was crazy to be in love with Stephen Dorff or to think that their accents were WAY sexier than British accents. Here it is in all it's cheesy glory. Old habits die hard I guess, because I still love-double-love it.

Wow, I'm getting way way off track. Africa. Right. I want to go to there. One time I dated a guy from Zimbabwe just because he had the accent. And a freaking rad scar down his whole face. He said he got it from a lion. Looking back, I dunno, but he was a (verified factual) safari guide over there, so who knows? Anyway, when I saw this hotel/airstream trailer park's website in Cape Town I just about peed my pants with renewed desire to go to South Africa. REEdiculous!
You have to click on the airstream penthouse trailer park link & check out how cute they have decorated these airstreams. It's crazy. Yeah, like Liz Lemon said "I want to go to there."
When does 30 Rock come back on?

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Melissa said...

Yeah I liked the power of one as well and the book was even better baby.
I think the South African accent is WAY NICER than the British. It's like comparing Aussie's to NZ's. No comparison mate NZ's is way more respectable and not so harsh on the ears.
If you go to Africa can I come as a stow away?