Saturday, August 15, 2009

want a good cry?

I'm sitting here, not planning my young women's lesson, (again) and weeping my eyes out looking through No, we are not looking for another dog. Getting another dog right now would be like going from a Lamborghini to a pinto. It would really not be fair to the pinto. It might be the best pinto in all the land, run great & get you from point A to point B with zero problems, but guess what? It's not a Lamborghini. Charlie was our family's version of a Lamborghini. Perfect dog for us. Anyway, the good cry is for the fact that there are sooooo many beautiful & sweet animals out there who are headed for euthanization. I cannot comprehend WHY everyone seems to be so fond of going out and paying hundreds of dollars for poky little purebreed puppies when there are a bajillion that need good homes. Oh my goodness, if I didn't have this stinkin' allergic girl, I would adopt five or six of them. It killllls me. I think Michael Vick should be shut into a room with the dogs he mistreated. grrrrrrr.

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