Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jozet & Haydn's Wedding

Once upon a time a beautiful princess (widow with seven awesome kids) met a handsome (really, he is. Just not so much in these pictures) prince. They had known each other 20 years ago when he worked at her castle (sports & preforming arts school she & her husband ran). Since then a lot had happened. He was in the kingdom (for his niece's wedding) and thought he would go see how they were doing. He first stopped at the princess's .......
wait, this fairy tale format is getting waaay tedious.
here's the deal:
My second oldest sister is bad. Seriously. She's gorgeous, funny & like the most righteous (yet down to earth) woman you'll ever meet. Eight years ago her also amazing husband passed away, leaving her with 6 strapping lads & one beautiful daughter to raise. Yes, seven kids. I know, right?
Well, when Lance was alive, 20 years ago, they had this dance/sports training school & there was this guy, Haydn that was their karate teacher and one of Lance's very good friends. He is originally from South Africa, and has the coolest accent. The dude is like 100% charisma & humility & awesomeness. Anyway, they hadn't stayed in touch, he was off living in Australia, or Hawaii or Florida just doing his thing after their school closed. So a few weeks ago he was back in Idaho for his niece's wedding & thought he'd stop in on Lance's parents (who he had lived with for a while). He finds out that Lance has since passed away & they encouraged him to go see Jozet & the kids. So they all go to dinner that night & catch up. Two weeks later they're engaged. Three weeks later they're married. Today they are in South Africa on their honeymoon. I pretty much just sucked the romance right out of the story by telling it so matter of factually like that, but it's been awesome to see it all unfold for her. So awesome to see how Heavenly Father takes care of those who do their very best to be obedient & to listen to & follow the spirit. Jozet is a phenomenal person, and I'm quickly coming to realize that Haydn is as well & I'm so freaking excited to see their life together. And I get to!!! They're moving to Provo this summer & I CAN.NOT. wait to have another of my sisters closer than a 3 hour drive.


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Congrats to Jozet! I'm so excited for her!!! Mandy and I taught basketball at their sports/dance place for a couple weeks one summer...the ride back to Centerville almost ruined our friendship! :) Naw, just kidding...wish I could remember Hayden...but I have to with accents are so super sexy! :) Please give her a hug from me when you see her and tell her I'm thrilled for her! And yipee for you that she's moving to Provo, now if you can only get Mand back to Utah! :) Hope these next 4 weeks go quickly! Love, Jen