Friday, April 30, 2010

oh no! what if he doesn't come soon?

So in waiting for this baby to pop out (zero progress btw) I just realized that if he goes over by a few days I won't have any excuse to ignore Matt's birthday like I was planning to. Abram is due on the 8th and my darling husband's birthday is the 11th. Normally I spend months & months planning all sorts of secretive plans; I like to do his birthday fairly big & pride myself in being a "good-gifter". This year I just assumed that I'd be in a new-baby stupor & told Matt that he could plan on me ignoring his birthday. But after our visit with the doctor today, I doubt that will be the case.
We agreed that his Memorial Day golf trip to Seattle would suffice for birthday love this year, but I can't just ignore it if I'm still "with child" when the actual day rolls around!
So I'm looking for ideas, just quick cheap fun things that would help him know how lucky I am to have him in my life. You know.... stuff that a 9 month preggers woman could pull off. Help a chic out here, please!


the Lola Letters said...

No, I think that if you still haven't had the baby by the 11th, you have EVERY right to be a big, fat, tired, unproductive slug... okay, but seriously...

I have seriously no good ideas.

Love you!

Schmath said...

Take him on a staycation to a fancy hotel in Park City or Salt Lake. That way, you both get a break.