Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few things of note...

#1- Loreli Gilmore/Sarah Braverman/Lauren Graham

I love you. I'm so beyond happy to have you back in my life. You are like comfort food for my brain. And your new show makes me feel like life is completely do-able. I LOVE it. And I want your hair.
#2- the TingTings. Freaking awesome. Whole album.
#3- Lee Dewyze. I called it last year with (the yummy) Kris Allen, and I'm calling it again. Lee is going to be the winner. I called it on facebook in the 3rd week. I freaking love him. And no, Casey James is NOT attractive. I just have to say that everywhere I can because my husband's work wife & I are in a fight about it.
#4- girls. Girls need girls. I don't care how old you are, how busy you are, how wonderful your kids and/or husband are, you NEED girlfriends. Last night I was able to go out with Kierstin, Laura, Stacey & Kirsten, and I feel like a brand new person after eating fantastic food & laughing my brains out. And you know how sometimes when you mix groups of friends it doesn't always go well? Not so last night. I had only met Stacey last night & I pretty much want to keep her in my pocket. It was so much fun.
#5- my daughter is cool. She let's me nap everyday. She makes me smile all the time. She gives great butterfly kisses. She shares like a pro. She understands things that I would never expect her to. She is ridiculously patient & forgiving. She's got a lust for life that'd give Iggy Pop a run for his money.
#6- I think I'm about done with the gym. I've only been going about 2-3 times a week for the last few weeks, but since it takes me 3 days of bed rest to recover, and the fact that my groin feels like it's going to shatter any second, I think it's about time to put the ol' membership on hold. Sad.
#7- 10 days out from my due date & I've pretty much about had it. Bring it on.
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Becky said...

100 percent in agreement with #1 and #3. And #5.