Sunday, April 4, 2010

Abram's Nursery

I finally finished it! And I gotta tell ya, you all were soooo right in telling me to paint the furniture black. It looks rad. (If only I had asked for your advise about coloring my hair!) And thank the good Lord up in Heaven that my friend Jenni offered to let me borrow her paint sprayer. Painting sucks, but not so much with a proper sprayer.
Actually I haven't hung the stuff up on the walls, so I guess it's not completely done.... but frankly I'm exhausted & too excited to show how it turned out.
Here is a shot of the majority of the room.This is the blanket that started it all. I saw this on etsy, bought it & asked the girl where she got the fabric thinking I should make a few other things for him, then saw that there were coordinating yet not too matchy-matchy fabrics that went along with it (the fans & bubbles) and went crazy from there. Sometimes I forget I can sew because I hardly ever do it, but apparently I can. Yay me. Anyway the super soft cream fabric on the back of that blanket pretty much exactly goes with the rug that I found at Lowe's last night & yes, I about flipped a lid when I found it because I thought I was going to have to shear a sheep & learn to weave in order to find what I wanted in a rug.
This'll be our little nursing corner, awesome chair, boppy, soft lighting, place to put a book or two. Heaven. I'm actually getting so excited to have a needy little thing that keeps me up at night. Really.

This is my "bump" (ewwww I hate double HATE that term) with the dresser & mirror. (please don't mind the fact that my pajamas in no way, shape or form go together. I have officially given up on trying to be cute.) Oh, also please note the "message in a bottle" bottle on the dresser. I was given the most amazing, asthetically pleasing baby shower of all time. Jessica you are a goddess. I want to be like you when I grow up. The fact that I have zero pictures from the shower attest to the fact that I had the greatest time ever. It was just what I needed to have so many amazing women that I love so much all in the same room at the same time. (eating amazing food & giving me amazing gifts doesn't hurt either.) These are the cute little wooden letters that I modge-podged the fishy fabric onto. They'll go on the changing table/crib wall. This is the freaking darling pinwheel mobile my awesome sister-in-law Jen made. I love it, and if you're having a baby anytime soon, you'll prolly be getting one, so be thinking of what colors you'd like yours in.
Anyway, I love how it's looking. I'm also debating making a valance or window treatment of some kind, cuz that window is very blah. However that is pretty much a mystery area of home decor to me. Suggestions?
So excited to meet our little dude!!!
Only 4 weeks 6 days! (according to the due date that I'm not supposed to be paying any attention to)


Melissa said...

Looks great.

James and Jenni McBride said...

Everything looks great Celeste! What a great mom you are to prepare an amazing room for your new little guy. Can't wait to meet him!

the Lola Letters said...

I love it!
And your jammies are perfect!
And you really need to hound Jessica about posting a "Celeste's Baby Shower" Blog so that I can then link to it and brag to everyone I know that I was invited to it. Cause it was seriously fabulous!

I CANNOT wait to see Mr. Abram in all his glory!

Kierstin said...

YEAH! I LOVE it! Good job babe, I can't wait to meet your little prince charming :) xo love you