Tuesday, May 11, 2010

abram's birth documented

okay, so here's the deal. at abram's birth, God sent down his personal photographer to document the goings-on. I'm not even kidding, that's how good she is.
Jessica Kettle, ladies & gentlemen.

The chic pulled an all-nighter at 6 months pregnant to do this HUGE favor for me & acts like it was actually me doing her a favor. Unbelievable. Well, at any rate, I am stupefied by the beauty of her work. So yeah, go to here to check out my baby's birth. Don't worry, there are no bits nor pieces that ought not be on the Internet.

And as for baby, he is awesome. Just a calm little old soul. He loves to be snuggled & really only cries for communication purposes. I am 100 thousand times less crazy this time around than I was after I had Sawyer, going au natural was the greatest. Honestly. It was so freaking fantastic to actually be working with my body & have the amazing support of my husband in what I was doing. words cannot express. If you have any desire at all, like at all, to go sans epidural, I would totally encourage you to do it. Recovery has been so much easier & the baby has been so alert & fun without any drugs in him right from the get-go.

The funniest thing about him though, is the fact that this is how he is with his binkie-

not even kidding. We've named it Precious. And Abram is a fiend. Sawyer didn't even even once take a binkie, so I frankly don't know how I feel about this. Actually yes, I sure do, especially all night when it falls out of his mouth & he needs someone to put it back in. that's not fun. but other than that (and engorged boobs) we are doing great. I've been completely blown away by the amount of love & support that our friends, neighbors & family have shown us. blown away, i tell ya.
Sawyer is doing pretty well, I think we prepared her as well as we could, but it's an adjustment. she has done a few little random things that are weird, like last night, washing her hands with toothpaste instead of soap....odd. does someone feel that she needs a tad bit more attention, perhaps? she's so cool though. She keeps trying to say this little saying that my nephew taught her "you get what you get & you don't throw a fit", but most times it comes out as a more directly applicable variation on it, like if I've asked her (repeatedly) to go choose her books for bedtime, she'll saunter off to do it finally, saying to herself "you go get your books & you don't not get your books."
each day we get a little better adjusted to life with two kids, and it looks like it's going to suit us just fine.


Kierstin said...

Haha!!! Precious? That's hilarious! I can picture him reaching for it with his mouth all frantic and needy :) Tell Sawyer she can come over and play for an afternoon if she wants to. She can jump on the tramp with all of the other neighbor kids and play with Bella and Sophie (ben and sonali's girls) Sophi is 4 years old so they would have fun together. Call me if you need anything, k? I can stop at the store for you on my way home from the gym if you need something. Love ya!

Melissa said...

Ok Celeste I went through this ENTIRE DAY WITHOUT CRYING and had a look at those pictures and was overwhelmed with emotion AND WE'RE NOT EVEN BFF'S OR ANYTHING.
I think it's two things.
#1 The fact that you decided to go natural, DID IT, got to hold that boy FIRST, how beautiful the whole birthing process is, how it was captured, how proud of you and Matt I feel, for some odd reason, and just an overwhelming feeling of the sacredness of childbirth, looking at those pictures gave me.

#2 I think I'm also crying cause I'll never have that.
You did exactly what I dreamed of doing and can't. It upsets me so much sometimes that my life turned into c-sections you know.
Never knowing what it's like to have my baby on my chest first. To have them taken from me and not be able to touch them. I feel so helpless and a little hopeless.
Obviously this has NOTHING to do with you personally and I'm so PROUD OF YOU, so please don't feel bad for me you know or think I'm upset at you, cause it's completely not like that.
It's like I can live it through you and other women who do what I never can.
What a great example you are to women Celeste.
Always be proud of yourself for this.
Alright I'm gonna go bawl like a baby for 5 minutes then keep packing.
Love you

Jana said...

those pictures really are gold. maybe in 20 years he can look at them and get a teensy tinsy idea of how his mom fell in love with him the moment she saw him.

the Lola Letters said...

Oh Celeste,
You are simply amazing.

I cried and cried and cried as I went through the pictures. They are nothing short of absolutely priceless.

I am officially in love with Matt. What an AMAZING husband. Wow. Just wow.

Abram is beyond darling.

The shots of you and Sawyer sent me into an ever bigger flurry of tears.

Oh man. Greatest post ever ;)