Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Lusty Month of May

Ever since I was a little girl being carted around in a beat-up station wagon my very favorite broadway musical has been Camelot. I remember listening to the soundtrack holding the cassette tape cover tenderly, gazing at the beautiful 60s artwork & thinking that Vanessa Redgrave was the most beautiful woman on the planet. Now knowing the story, I'm surprised my mom let us listen to it. It's completely immoral, but whatevs, it's got great music, right? Anyway, the point of this story is that it's May! And every single May 1st I get the urge to dance around a Maypole & sing this song at the top of my lungs, and for the most part, people look at me like I'm a nut because I think most people aren't familiar with this musical. It's a very sad thing to me. Do you know it?
Anyway, today I'll be singing this

and tonight I'll be watching the whole 60s-arific film with my husband, I don't care if I have to chain him down & prop his eyes open with toothpicks. He's gonna love it, by damn!
And p.s. Julie Andrews also played Guinevere in another film. It's not the same. I adore Julie Andrews, but Vanessa Redgrave just....ohhhh....she's amazing, the intonation in her voice in all the songs.....ahhhhhh. You can totally see how she became kind of a medieval skank, Lancelot didn't stand a chance.


Melissa said...

Celeste I love you, you wanna know why?
It's got nothing to do with this post (sorry) it's to do with that book 'intuative eating' that you mentioned in one of your posts.
For some reason, and I NEVER do it.
I ordered it online straight away for a dollar and had it in my hands within a week and I'M A CONVERT.
It makes so much sence to me I'm ashamed of my previous life before this book.
The other day I told Masaru to listen to his body and it'll tell him when he's finsihed eating and he said to me "I thought you told me when I'm finished eating"
I about died.
I'll forever be grateful for you for mentioning this book.
I haven't finished it yet but I'm trying really hard not to be on the diet mentality.
It'd be a blog post for sure.
There's so many people out there who need this.
Especially me.
You're awesome.
I owe you.
My body, my self esteem back, peace with food and my health.

Kierstin said...

I'm thinking this play might be a bit psychedelic and that the directors might (just might) have been smoking crack at the time of filming. Just a thought though... I know you're emotionally attached to it though so you enjoy your little heart out!! love you xo

Celeste said...

and that's why i love kierstin. everyone else is thinking the exact same thing, but who says it? Kierstin. I lova-lova-love you.