Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good times at the instacare!

Yesterday Sawyer had a bit of a fever so we just kind of hung out at home. That was a huge change from the globetrotting lifestyle we've adopted since Abram was born. Actually yesterday's missed ballet class was supposed to be our inaugural foray out into the world with two kids. We opted for the instacare instead when I realized that the fever I thought she had been napping off all afternoon had actually risen to 104.9. Scared me witless I tell you. She had also developed this weird chemical-burn looking thing on the back of her calf,

that I was starting to think was some sort of poisionous spider bite. Matt left a closing in the hands of Thor (his boss, not the Norse god of thunder) and met us there, apparently bawling & praying the whole way there. She has cellulitis, a bacterial infection of some nasty sort. The doctor said he was surprised she hadn't had it before because her excema makes her skin more fragile. So she got a shot & antibiotics & was skipping around a half hour later.
So today we had to go in for a follow up and it had grown, so guess what! Yup, 'nother shot AND a blood draw just for fun. And not just any blood draw, oh no, a blood draw by two of the most frighteningly troll-ish looking nurses I've ever laid eyes on. Not kidding. Facial worts with big old hairs growing out, huge burn scars, gnarly rough old was almost comical. These are the women they put in pediatrics?? Sorry, I know this sounds soooo mean. Anyway, I had to pretty much lay down on top of Sawyer while they did it to hold her still. Abram had slept like an angel until this point, but woke up to participate in a screaming duet with his sister, then promptly went back to sleep once she was done. It sucked.
On a brighter note....
So far I'm the luckiest mom of two on the planet. Abram gets a sleepy nurse right before we go to bed around 11 then again at 4 am, and then sleeps till 9. He's a week old today & I could handle this schedule forever.
I think going from zero kids to one was way harder than one to two for me personally. With Sawyer I was so anal about BabyWise that I never took the time to just enjoy comforting & being with her. It was always "the book says she should be soothing herself...the book says she should only eat for this long...blah blah blah.". Lame. With two there is no time for that, he eats, he sleeps, he poops & that's about all my requirements are this go round. It feels good. Sawyer is warming right up to him. Every second he is awake she wants to "see hims little eyes". She pets his nose & holds his hand & sniffs his head. I love it.

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tanalicious said...

that is so cute!!

sawyers comments, not the flesh eating disease or troll nurses.

im glad he's a good baby. it makes such a difference. going from 1 to 2 was way harder than 2 to 3.. probably because mia was the spawn of satan. but she's cute now..

the Lola Letters said...

Ahhh ha ha ha!
You even make medical emergencies comical!

Troll nurses - Bahh haha ha!
Screaming duets - priceless.

Just fun chaos all the way around!

Glad that Abram is sleeping like a champ. And glad to hear you're enjoying the use of your God-given intuition rather than some stupid book ;) Just my opinion though.

Love you!