Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bountiful Reverse Sprint Triathlon

I signed Matt & I up for a triathlon just before I had Abram in the hopes that it would be awesome motivation for getting back in shape. It was great motivation, but I wouldn't say that I did much about it, I only swam twice & not once did I run outside or bike like I'd intended. The idea of getting any less sleep than I was with a new baby was probably the problem.
Matt & I had a great time on the run talking & it was literally the most time we were able to spend together all week. We jogged pretty steady to whole first half, Matt dealing with his freaky itchy-when-he-sweats skin problem, then I kinda slowed to a speedy speed-walk while he jogged next to me for the rest of it.

Then came the bike portion, which I was totally freaked out by because I hate having those my feet clipped into those damn road bikes, scares me out of my mind. But Matt calmly talked to through each mount, dismount, shift & turn, literally telling me step by step how to not die, crash or otherwise embarrass myself. He's so awesome. There was a chic on the side of the road, looked like she was just finishing up changing a flat, Matt stopped to help her. Yeah. In a race. My husband. There was a 10 year old kid that Matt befriended during the run, who was looking like he was having serious regrets about signing up for this, so Matt just started chatting him up & encouraging him, it was awesome to be reminded of what an amazing human being I am fortunate enough to be married to.

Then we swam. Swimming isn't really conducive to having a heart to heart, so Matt surged ahead & beat my swim time by like 3 minutes.

Other than that we pretty much just stuck together & had a great time. Susie came out & cheered us on at each stage, and my parents had slept over to take care of the kids & bring them down to watch the last bit. It was great to see them. We are so fortunate to have such fantastic supportive & loving families.
As it turns out I actually took second in my division, the venerable "Filly" class for women over 150 pounds. Gooooo me! My final time was 1:32, way beating my goal of 1:46! Run (3 miles) was 33:32, bike (10 miles) was 40:45, and swim (350 yards) was 12:12. Not too bad for not training or really trying. The thing that killed me was the first transition-it took us a full 5 minutes to get from run to bike.
I think that this'll be an annual event for us, it was really fun. Then I had a nap while Matt took the kids to Sizzler, then massages for Matt & I both. Deeelightful day. I'm only sore from the bike seat and Matt is sore all over, so I win. Right?

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Melissa said...

Good for you guys.

Kierstin said...

Rock Stars! Awesome :) xo

the Lola Letters said...

Good job you crazy little power couple you!

Um, I think I may be in love with your husband now...I'll try to control myself though, kay? ;)