Tuesday, August 10, 2010

we've had this song on repeat for the last three months

Literally. Any time Abram is fussy in the car we turn this on & he gets all quiet & serious & quickly falls asleep. It's a bit bizarre. I'm thinking that Abram is going to be my music boy. Sawyer doesn't even like music, at least that's what she says. But this dude pays attention & seems to be interested in whatever we're listening to. It'll be interesting to see if that is a sign on things to come. Although it might be a bit sad if he's a 6'5" 240 pound saxaphone player, but perhaps he could be the next Billy Corgan, that dude is tall. Pretty lerpy, but tall. Speaking of Billy Corgan, guess who is coming to In The Venue on September 17th? Yup. My very least favorite venue, but the very best live band I've ever seen in my entire concert loving life! I'm soooo excited!

Back to the issue at hand.
The purpose of this post is to remind me of how obsessed Abram is with this song.....

The nice thing is that it still hasn't gotten old. It's just background noise that you don't even think about but it makes everyone calm. And please forgive the Twilight picture. It was the only video of this song that didn't include a slideshow of Robert Pattison/Edward Cullen in various states of undress.

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