Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please bless her be happy

Most times she prays, Sawyer prays for "Charlie at her new house." Depending on the hormonal cocktail coursing through my veins at the time, it may or may not make me tear up a bit. Today was a bit more detailed & I didn't stand a chance.
..."and please bless Carlie at her new house. That she will be healfee & skrong and that her new family will throw tennis balls for her to case and that she can have yummy food to eat at dinner with her new family. Bless that she can jump up on dem beds to sleep at night & not make anyone be itchy. Please help them to put necklaces on her so her can be pretty. Help her to not miss us too much or be sad. And please bless the food. Amen."
Damn I miss that dog. I'm glad that we are keeping her memory alive. That we are remembering that once our lives were graced by a kind loving soul that changed us all for the better. I'm grateful that Sawyer realizes that there was something special about her & that we were lucky to have had her as long as we did. But it kills me that Abram won't know her. Boys need dogs & my little dude will miss out on the best dog ever.
Plus she's super shiny.

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Jessica Kettle said...

awwww, seriously? that's so sweet. and sad. =(

Lisa said...

Ah crap. Now I'm crying after reading Sawyer's prayer...!

the Lola Letters said...

Wow, my current hormonal cocktail says that I should bawl right now... so I am.

She IS so shiny...among about a million other worthy, positive and wonderful things.

I love you!