Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sawyer has been dying all summer to go to Lagoon. Generally speaking, Matt & I would rather die than go to Lagoon. Well one of Matt's clients gave us free tickets Saturday, so we went, and it was (surprisingly) a very pleasant family day! The weather cooperated quite nicely, it was not too hot and even a bit rainy in spots, which was nice. Abram loves being outside & Sawyer just loves everything, so we had so much fun. I think Abram thrives amist chaos, he got all his naps just chillin' in his car seat & was super happy all day. Sawyer wasn't as adventurous as she was at Disney World, I think being able to see the entire ride from the line doesn't help. She stuck pretty much to the kiddie rides & the lazy river.

Check out how awesome she looks running through the water fountain though. She looks like a freaking triathlete! I can only hope I look this legit on Saturday.

Matt nearly had to be escorted from the park because he was dominating the games too much. At least that's what he thought. Sawyer came home with four more stuffed animals to add to her gigantic hoard.

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