Monday, August 16, 2010

This guy right here

is going to be totally blowing my mind in T minus 31 days. Because this right here-playing his amazing music, live, in person, big tall, lerpy, uber-talented person, is what God in his great goodness put him on this beautiful earth to do. We all dream about finding our "thing", that one thing in this life that we are meant to do, right? Well Billy Corgan has found his, and I'm just lucky enough to be privy to it for the second time on September 17th. You see, when The Smashing Pumpkins broke up, you know after completely singlehandedly inventing "alternative" music (....okay, they had some help from Pearl Jam...) I thought I'd never, ever be able to see one of my all time favorite bands perform, a thought that sucked more than I can tell you. Then he formed the hugely underrated Zwan, who very quickly also broke up.

And I was sad.

I felt like I did the day Michael Jackson died, well, worse because as awesome as Michael Jackson was, none of his amazing stuff touched me like this does, or this, or this. Plus, I still suspect him to be a child-molester. Anyway, one day Billy swallowed a big, gigantic ball of pride & put out an ad in two major Chicago newspapers asking his band to reunite.
And they did.
And now I get to see them again, and I cannot stop thinking about it.

But today guess who blew my mind. This girl right here-Because she is unbelievably awesome. It was the first day of her second year of preschool today. This year we are going to Bravo Arts Academy & are very excited about it.
Another thing we are excited about is this guy right here- I don't think I need to tell you why.


the Lola Letters said...

Oh wow! Abram is getting so big! He is so beautiful! And Sawyer, well, duh - still ridiculously beautiful and such!


I totally agree - with all of it. Billy is INSANELY talented. I wish I wasn't planning on being a hot, tired, chunky mess with a newborn baby on Sept. 17th, else I would make you let me tag along ;)

Celeste said...

Dude, you were my very first thought as to who I should beg to come with me, but due to the fact that you declined on the SYTYCD offer, I didn't even ask. :( I really really really want to come meet wombnugget, but don't want to be one of those people who comes too early in his life, stays too long & makes a general nuisance of themselves. So will you please tell me when you're open for business? I'm dying to smooch his face off.