Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sharon's Cake

Normally I try to keep the cake blog & the life blog separate, but I am just so stinkin' proud of this little biddy, that I want to show everyone! I just think it looks so classy! Plus it's my first airbrushing attempt, and I was very scared and look how great it looks! Oh and it is also my first marshmallow fondant usage, and I am totally and completely converted! If anyone would like to attempt fondant, and for some reason you feel inclined to do it yourself instead of having me do it, (WHY??) get this recipe from me, it is soooo easy!

(I just re-read what I wrote, and there are far too many exclaimation points in that paragraph, I'm sorry. It looks like my mom wrote it. Love you Mom.)
When we went to deliver it (clear down in Springville, boo) Sawyer and I had a lovely time looking at the artwork in the museum that the wedding was taking place in. The current show was a collection of high school students artwork, and I could NOT believe some of these peices. It really made me regret the fact that I let one crappy teacher kill my artistic ambitons. I must start drawing again. Check these out, keep in mind that they are all pencil of some sort (yes, even the cat). You really should click on them to enlarge to do them justice.


markandaubrey said...

Love the cake! I need to try the marshmallow fondant. I love marshmallow!

Jana said...

You're so talented!

Those pics are amazing!