Saturday, May 31, 2008

Calling All Cool Concert Chics!!!!

My good buddy Rossi & I are planning a girls trip to LA to see Maroon 5, Counting Crows & Augustana on the weekend of September 12-14. We are looking for awesome girls who also might be interested in a fun weekend away and a fantastic show. Flights into Long Beach are only $158 through Delta, so I'm sure that you could find something cheaper if you're interested, the fact that there is also LAX & Orange County as options is kinda nice too. This is going to be a blast even if it's just Rossi & I because we are awesome, but if you are interested in basking in our awesomeness & Adam Levine's hotness, please state the ways that you can contribute to the awesomeness of the weekend by leaving a comment. I need to know soon because I am planning on buying the best tickets possible as soon as they go on sale next week (?). As soon as I know how many people will be going, I'll find a sweet hotel/beach house/park bench for us to sleep on. I'm thinking Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Who's game?

In the meantime, please enjoy this concert footage I found on youtube.


Melissa said...

THat's so nice of you to invite everyone. That's right when DRu starts law school though and we could be up in Moscow Idaho so it makes it tricky.
I saw them with John Mayer and counting crows a few years ago. It was a pretty cool concert.

The Halbaschs said...

Augustana is one of my favs and I do have to agree with Mr. Levine's hotness. I also know that I would be a WORTHY travel partner and would only add JOY to the experience. I don't think Chris would let student loans pay for fabulous things like this. So sad for me. Love ya and Miss ya!!!

Victoria Lemon said...

Sounds like a fun concert! Wish I could go too. I totally love Maroon 5.
I'm Ben's sister in law btw.

AndersonFamily said...

so it would be such a blast to do something like that with you!! we should plan something sometime so that we can hang out after i get back!! love ya!

Cate said...

Hey girl I would love to go! I already live there but would love to join you guys for the concert!