Thursday, May 29, 2008

K neber mind

So what have I learned from the last 2 days of (nearly) internet free life? That there is a reason why I was born in this day & age. There is a reason that the internet is so cool and yes, I, and the majority of my generation have become mostly dependant upon it. I can't make dinner, pay bills, communicate with my friends & family, find phone numbers & addresses, plan trips to see Maroon 5, shop or find out for sure if that girl on So You Think You Can Dance is really a Jazz Dancer or not. Granted, all of these things are not exactly vital to everyday life, but they have become soooo much easier with the use of the lovely world wide webbed internet thingy. I think that my main problem is not the internet in general, but rather too much time spent blogging or reading blogs. I need to just set aside an hour a week or something and have that be the only time I do that. So that's the new goal.


The Neilson Family said...

WELCOME BACK! You've been missed!

Kierstin said...

You don't stand a chance. You can't stop once you start, it stings! (name that movie)

Melissa said...

I'm with Kierstin. I'm so addicted it's not funny. But with fast interent I'm only on for around 10 mins at a time. So it's all good.
Thanks for your comment.