Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two birds...One stone

As I mention later in the post, I am having a rough time with time lately. I wrote my parents an email that turned out to be a decent recap of our lives right now, and will share here for anyone who cares. Here is how we are:
Matt- very, very, very busy. The end of the month is always quite hectic for him, but this month was a joke. He keeps thinking that his business is going to slow down, what with the crappy housing market, but it just isn't! The Lord is blessing him/us SOOOO much right now. Matt is honest and does his best, but he also (and I think that this is why the Lord is being so generous right now..) doesn't really bend over backward for people like a lot of others in his industry do. Not in a bad way, but he just really tries to make sure that after work hours, he is home. A lot of times people will want him to work crazy hours, and do things after hours, but he just doesn't do it, and I appreciate it so much. It really feels like the real-life version of that scripture about the windows of heaven being opened and pouring out so many blessings that you don't even have room to receive them. Oh, and the fact that we have a couple of faithful missionaries out doesn't hurt either. :)
Sawyer- 95% potty-trained!!!! Once I was consistent with it, it really was easy and quick! There is one method that I learned from...... you guessed it! BabyWise that really turned the whole thing around. It's interesting, instead of having ALL the emphasis being on when they successfully use the potty, periodically throughout the day, you have them check to see if they are dry, and for the first few days also check to see if their potty-training doll or bear or whatever is dry. Once they get that the goal here is to stay dry, it only takes them a little bit to realize that if they want to get rewarded for staying dry, the way to accomplish that is to use the potty instead. It's like a light just clicked on over her head when I started to emphasize this. (One danger of this method, however, is having your daughter come up to you while you're talking to someone you don't really know, and putting her little hand on your crotch and asking "mommy, are you dry??" Hilarious now, but quite embarrassing at the time!) Anyway, that is the potty training secret. But you probably knew that already, huh, Mom? Sawyer and I went to cousin Caroline's dance concert tonight, and I have never seen Sawyer that excited and attentive in my entire life!!! This little girl got her Grandma Miller's dancing genes. I knew that she would like to see Caroline on stage, but I could not believe how intensely she was loving all the dancing! I wish I'd have had my camera. Actually I'll bring it tomorrow night, I'm doing Caroline's makeup again & we'll stay for the first part this time, because we missed it tonight. I hope I get some decent pictures.
And Me- I am loving my new calling in the Young Women's. It's a little intense, both emotionally and time-consuming-wise, but I love these girls soooo much already. We are having a Book of Mormon reading challenge, and I'm trying desperately to catch up to them, so I'm reading more consistently and better than I think I ever have in my life and it has been wonderful. I really am solidifying my testimony more each time I read, and although I have always had a ton of faith in the Book of Mormon, my knowledge is really growing. Better late than never, I guess. I'm just really loving it! Also, I am really really getting clucky, I want to be pregnant so bad and everywhere I go I see big round bellies. I know that I shouldn't be so anxious about it, we haven't even been trying that long, it's just that I am soooo excited to meet this next kid! And so is Sawyer, I'm afraid! Also, I am very excited for Matt's birthday next week, (the 11th) and it is a secret, so that is all I will say right now, but trust me, it's gonna be good! I've put alot of work into making it a surprise, so I hope, hope, hope that I can pull it off. However, I am having a problem prioritizing my life right now. I spent a few hours last night trying to get to sleep, but I just kept thinking about how to find balance in my life. I have so many balls up in the air right now, things I'd like to do, things I should do and things I must to, and I feel like in order to do well in any of them I have to fail others, and it is very frustrating. Moderation in all things really is the key isn't it? But man is it ever hard to find that balance. Anyone have any secrets??? Even right now, I'm thinking of a hundred other things I need to be doing in my down time. That is why I'm going to use this email as a blog post and kill two birds with one stone.

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The Halbaschs said...

You are great Celeste....a new calling in YWs, what is it? No baby bumps, I am sorry. I sure know how it feels when every girl in town is sporting maternity clothes and you aren't. I will keep you in my prayers. Much Love!!!