Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Internet Fast

no, I am not referring to the speed at which I can access random bits of celebrity gossip. I am announcing that I am taking the first step in breaking my addiction to spending copious amounts of time cruising the internet, reading blogs, writing blogs and generally piddling away what little free time I have. It has officially become a problem, and when I think about the amount of time I've spent here on this dining room chair staring at a computer screen rather than snuggling with my cute husband or or playing with my darling daughter or reading or cleaning or working on getting better at cake related components or gardening or organizing my house or painting Sawyer's new room or doing laundry or working out, well it pretty much makes me want to cry. So I am instituting an internet fast for one week. I think I can do it. I will be getting my email, but THAT IS IT! If you receive comments from me on your blog, chew me out.
That being said, I'd like to also mention that this holiday weekend was lovely, Matt & Sawyer went up to the cabin a day earilier than I did because I had to teach Young Women's and I cannot tell you how nice it was to a)hang out with my awesome brother while he completed the plumbing for our basement (what a rock star.) and b) attend church by myself. You have no idea the wonder of an uninterrupted sacrament meeting until you actually get to experience it, and it has been a while for me. I drove up to the cabin with the Kettles, our new favorite traveling friends, as we will be going to Seattle a week from tomorrow. They are fantastic and I'm so glad that they came with us. Yesterday we stopped in Park City for a lovely little outlet shopping trip wherein I found 3 pairs of fantastic shoes and a cute little workout top and Matt got a few work pants and Sawyer got an adorable green & white polka dotted rain jacket. Then dinner at Red Rock Brewery (freakin' yumm) and then home again, home again, jiggetty-jig.
NOW I'm starting my internet fast.
See you next Tuesday.
Peace out.

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Melissa said...

Good luck and may the force be with you.