Thursday, May 15, 2008

You got tagged? What? Is that some kind of new drug???

So, Sawyer got blog-tagged by her little buddy Max, well, actually, Max's cute mom, Jessica, but whatev. It's a fun chance for me to brag about my girl, I'll take it!
1. Sawyer is 2 and a half, and honestly the terrible twos just started today. I would like to report a kidnapping, someone came in the night and stole my funny little agreeable child & swapped her with an onery look-alike. Please, whoever you are, bring my angel back.
2. Sawyer's first word was Mama, go figure, nothing too exciting there. I am a bad mom, but I really don't remember how old she was. That's one thing I've been surprised by with motherhood, everything is so gradual, it's hard to say when exactly things happen.
3. Sawyer's hair is crazy. It's down past her shoulder blades when it's wet, but then it dries, she gets these cute little ringlets only at the nape of her neck, so it's just shoulder length. It is pretty thin though, so it's hard to keep in line. She is just barely starting to push it behind her ears and it KILLS me when she does it because it's such an adult looking thing the way she does it. Sooooo funny.
4. Recent tricks? Going potty without telling anyone, she'll just come out with no pants on and a big old grin cuz she's so stinking proud of herself!
5. Another trick- Calling her Daddy Matt. We dropped him off at work last week and she goes, "K, bye Matt."
6. I don't really know what to say here, Jessica talked about Max walking... um... Sawyer has started to dance like crazy, and she won't let me sing or dance if it's her dancing song, I just have to watch her quietly & applaud at the appropriate places.
7. Sawyer is not afraid of really anything. She LOVES Charlie and they are best friends, she sits on the floor next to her and reads books to the dog, for goodness sake.
8. Sawyer likes to be carried especially in parking lots, not quite sure why. I think it stems from the fact that I am way impatient and always carry her when I actually want to get something accomplished. Anyway, it didn't work out too well when Grandma Susie had her last week, not everyone can truck a 35 pound tank around all day.
9. Sawyer is an awesome sleeper, always has been, started sleeping through the night at 5 and a half weeks. (thank you Baby Wise) I guess my love and need of sleep rubbed off on her, and as evil as I am when my sleep gets distrubed, at least her healthy sleep appreciation has made her good at sleeping. (90% of the time)
10. Sawyer quit nursing at 8 months when her whimpy mom got mastitis. Seriously though, that ain't something I would ever mess around with, mastitis is worse than labor (with an epidural of course.) But she didn't even blink an eye when I up and cold-turkied her. Such an agreeable child... where was she today?
so, there's Sawyer's first tag! She is tagging Porter, Mason & Bennett, Max & Mikaela and Caleb & Spencer!
p.s. the questions weren't very obvious, I think you're just supposed to talk about your kid in ten various areas of their lives. Just make some stuff up. ni-night.

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