Tuesday, May 20, 2008

how cool is cake design???

someone please, please, PLEASE ask me to do this cake (actually if you click on that link, you have to click on Portfolios, then "bold wedding cakes" and then it's the second one down on the left, the fabulous white & red one). I have been cruising around the internet tonight & found a couple of baker's websites that have completely blown my mind! Here's one, too. Freakin' amazing stuff.

1- cute little David Archuleta who, while he may never be my American Idol (too cheesy), is a great example of how Mormons can be; a peculiar people but not totally wacky. Please bless he never sells out or forgets who he is.
2- lovely ladies to visit teach.
3- my cute nephew, Brock who feels comfortable enough with us to call at 11pm and ask if he can stay with us tonight. I've always wanted to have a house where people know they can hang out and be taken care of.


birdonthelawn said...

what events qualify for that cake!!!??
i am hosting a baby boy shower coming up soon, want to do the cake?

Kirsten said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!! That is the coolest cake EVER EVER EVER....please do that cake for me when I uh...turn 40 or Rollerblade across the US, OK?! LOVE IT!