Monday, May 19, 2008

stumbled upon

accidentally ran across a cute little mom/baker blog when trying to learn how to create gum paste ranunculus for my sister-in-law's sister's wedding cake. She lives somewhere in New England and is also LDS and is also able to do fun little cakes for people. My world has seriously "smallend", or shrunk, since I started blogging. One thing that she does that I am immediately adopting on my blog is with each entry, she includes 3 things that she is grateful for. Thank you for the lovely idea, new friend.
1. a gorgeous, shiny, sweet lover of a dog
2. a beautiful new tree that I managed to get planted before I killed it
3. the physical strength to dig a ginormous hole to plant said tree in without really even batting an eye.
(also, spell check which made me laugh by knowing how to spell ginormous, (which is nothing more than a Will Ferrellian combination of gigantic and enormous) but not ranunculus or recognizing LDS as a legitimate acronym.

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smart mama said...

so glad you stumbled over-- do come back! when I came over I realized the "connections" and was just thinking wow- I love how the internet connects me to people like me! (Hey i stole the 3 idea from a friend- thats what the internet is for- share good with all!) Your cakes are fab by the way- I just finished a frog and toad party extravaganza today for my 3 yr old- and I am all caked out!