Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Any San Diegans Out There?

Sawyer & I are going to San Diego next Monday with Jessica & Max and Brittany & Owen, and pretty much the whole point of traveling for me is to find food that is better than anything I've ever eaten before. (and when I say food, I mean cupcakes.) So yeah, who knows of the best places to eat, things to do and shops to shop in the lovely SD? And cupcake shops of course.
We will defiantly be making the trek to Santa Monica for some Vanilla Bakeshop action, but I'm open to suggestions.
Bueller? Bueller?


Alana said...

Just went to San Diego a few weeks ago! There is this frozen yogurt place in Del Mar called Swirls. You serve yourself and add your own toppings, then it get's weighed and you pay by the ounce....delish! Let me know if you need a hotel recommendation too, we stayed at a really cool place. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Try Cupcake square in rosecran and don't forget to stop by at Phil's BBQ. It is the best BBQ ever!!!

Extraordinary dessert and Champagne bakery are also good dessert place

The Elmers said...

Hey Celeste! It's me Katie...the girl that took your pics on my mentor session with Jessica at night a week ago. Hope you're enjoying your southern cali stay! I just wanted to let you know that I put some on my blog if you wanted to check them out... You are so incredibly beautiful, thanks for letting me capture some of that :) It was fun!!!

Melissa said...

Hey Celeste.
Do you think if I came out to your house you could teach me all about fondant.
I'm really scared of it but think it'd make my cakes that much better if I could do it.
I couldn't give you much of payment but I could make sawyer some ribbons for her hair?