Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I made it!!

Second trimester here we come! I have a smidge more energy and am a wee bit less ravenous. My pooch is pooching quite nicely, so it would appear that all is well. If these pictures gross you out, sorry. I want a visual reference for my next pregnancy, so deal.

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Melissa said...

Congrats Celeste.
I'd be taking pic's as well.
You look amazing.

tanalicious said...

good grief. you are showing us all up. do you weigh 65 lbs yet? skinny minny.

congrats, i'm glad things are going well. ideas on the sex yet?

Kierstin said...

oh, so hot! wow, you look great and I love the little bump, very cute!

The Neilson Family said...

Congratulations!!!! You are the hottest second trimester mama I've ever seen. So - is it a boy or girl?!?! Man I've missed a ton of your updates. I need to get back into blogging immediately!