Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm so glad my baby is home

Every night after dinner I do the dishes and Matt puts Sawyer to bed. This is due to a combination of factors;
A) by the time dinner is done, so am I. D.U.N. Dun. I have one kid. She is awesome. The fact that I am done at this time is mearly a testament to how impatient & selfish I currently am.
B) dishes are my thing. This is a self-imposed slavery thing. I am too anal retentive about how dishes get loaded and rinsed to ever allow anyone else to do this simple task. If they don't get done right the first time, there are only two things that will happen- they will need to be done again, or I will end up picking crusty food particles from my dishes, neither of these options are in any way acceptable to me. So I do the dishes.
C) Matt is forty-hundred times better than me at putting our squirrely little child to bed. I cannot tell you how many times I've asked him to tell me his secret, but I cannot get her to sleep as fast as he does no matter what.
Typically after these tasks are done, we watch a little tv. Its for sure the way Matt likes to decompress, but he usually only lasts two and a half minutes before this happens:

Bless his heart. (This is why most of our nooky is morning nooky.) I'm so grateful for a husband who: never complains, acts like I'm the hottest woman to ever have walked the earth, encourages me to follow my kooky dreams weather they be random vacations with Sawyer while he stays home to work, going to culinary school (one day...), putting up hot pink damask wallpaper in a bathroom (coming soon), having a second kitchen in the basement, getting my 4 year degree in 3 years, going to New Orleans to see 311day, sacrificing his day at the D-day beaches so that I could see the prehistoric cave paintings in central France,... What was I talking about?....
Oh and he's hot too. I love his fashion sense & the way he smells. One of the first times we hung out, we were walking through ZCMI and went into Mr. Mac. I couldn't get over how he was stroking all the nice suits, talking about Super 100s wool, and tailoring, and what button to leave open on a jacket. It was quite a change from my Neanderthal of an ex-husband.
I love how he is always strong when I am weak. Always hopeful when I can't see the silver lining. He is the most consistent, dependable, supportive person I've ever met. He is thankfully lacking in the manly "must-fix-it" tendancy, he lets me vent & sympathizes, but knows that most of the time that's all I needed. And he is ridiculously creative. You would not believe some of the birthday cards I've gotten, the family nights I've participated in, or the way he proposed. He's just the best. And I'm glad he's home.

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Schmath said...

I can't wait for the hot pink damask!

the Lola Letters said...

Awwww, I love Matt too!

AND morning nooky!

(but don't worry, not with your Matt... with MY Matt...who happens to be named Kyle, not Matt...but I really like him just the way that you like reading all of these lovely things about him made me rather yay you!)

...and yay me too!
...and double yay for hot pink damask fo sho!

Kirsten said...

I LOVE's so great hearing how people love other people, it's so magical. I have kooky dreams too...I really want a dang trampoline in my basement. I LOVE YOU!

Matt said...

It is certainly nice, that after seven years, we still really like each other. They say the "seven year itch" and boy have I had it. I feel like a caveman everytime I am with her. Me Matt, Me want Celeste! Celeste, is seriously my light at the end of the tunnel. She is my North Star always pointing me in the right direction. I struggle with being me. Life is full of challenges and she always keeps inching me towards the better aspects of it. Celeste always says, you knew what I was when you picked me up. I had no idea, what she was other than smokin' hot. But I am Damn lucky that my lady blossom's everyday and get more beautiful with each new thing she does. I could never ask for more.