Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's the most magical day of the year...

We hurried home from St. George today hoping to get some Christmas trees up tonight. Ever since our over-eager neighbors started decorating, Sawyer has been absolutley aching to decorate for Christmas. But I very firmly believe that Thanksgiving deserves it's own day in the sun, unhindered by tinsel or lights. Last year I bought Sawyer her own pink flocked pre-lit tree on post-Christmas clearance at Michael's, and since then have been collecting the most gaudy glitter & sequin covered ornaments I could find. It is freaking DARLING. Goes perfectly in her room. Watching her decorate it while singing the few lines of the few Christmas songs she knows over & over was seriously the highlight of my month.

When we got downstairs, Matt already had our new pre-lit tree up & ready for be-dazzelment. Which begs the question, "why on earth didn't we buy a pre-lit tree years & frustrating years ago?"
As we watched Elf (such an instant classic, that one, genious!) & decorated, I instituted a new rule; you have to dance whilst decorating the tree, at least during the fantastic songs on the fantastic movie. Sawyer seemed to approve if the new rule & was constantly wiggling her little butt as she put 90% of our decorations at the 4" or below level. And guess what?I'm not fixing it. I love it. I love having a four year old. I can't imagine a more magical age during Christmas. I'm so excited to share this wonderful time with her. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope yours is as magical as ours is shaping up to be.

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