Saturday, November 21, 2009

This is probably the proudest I have ever been. Yet.

Sawyer usually loves her ballet class. Lately she's been a smidge moody, and I can't figure it out. Today grandma & grandpa Miller came to watch, and I don't know if that set her off or what, but a few minutes into it she wasn't having it anymore. She just kinda broke down. Her cute teacher tried to get her to buck up, but she swore she had a tummy ache. We talked & talked it out, and I told her that if she was really not feeling well, that we needed to go home & have a nap, but if she was ok to finish her class, we could go meet Annabell, this poodle we're testing out. Anyway, she finally decided that she'd go back in, just for the storytime. But she stayed in there for the whole time! She changed her whole attitude! That is powerful! I still need to learn to do that!

I love seeing her grow & learn. It's the single most rad thing in my life to be her mom.

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Melissa said...

Good insight Celeste.
I liked this post.
It's the single best and the single hardest for me.
I find that to be true of life though, usually the toughest things on us are the best.