Thursday, November 26, 2009

My (other, more fuzzy) baby

This is our girl! I'm so excited to meet her & have her join our family on Christmas day. They've been calling her Big Twin because she's a twin & the bigger of the two. Obviously we need to think of a better name for this sweet little squishy darling. Matt wants to let Sawyer name her, but I think we might need to have some back-ups suggestions ready in case she wants to name her LooHoo or Princess Jasmine or something 4 year-oldy. Suggestions?

She looks like a little lamb here, huh?
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Kirsten said...

Lady, Lamby, ??

Kierstin said...

Fluffy, Fluffernutter, Cotton, Whitey

the Lola Letters said...

How 'bout Bella?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


I think she is darling, and I can't wait to hear Sawyer's suggestions!

(Glad you enjoyed the rejected screen plays as much as I did!)

*Bram Stoker rolls over in his grave*
*Bram Stoker's head explodes*

Ahhhh ha ha ha!