Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm thinking about doing THIS

to my hair. Gorge, right? Think I could pull it off?
I'm taking color, but obviously that style is amazing too.

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James and Jenni McBride said...

3 things we need to talk about #1)I don't care what color you have your hair! You are beautiful no matter what!!!! #2) If you figure out how to do this hairstyle, call me because I would love to do it on Julie. #3)I was kidding about the selfishness of the teachers....kind of :) You did great today!

Kierstin said...

Go for it! It would be fun to see you with something so drastically different! How does Matt feel about sleeping with a redhead?

tanalicious said...

of course! you've got the complexion for it. and if you dont like it, you can always dye it again.

i loved having red hair. its very sassy...

ps. where did you see this? i want to do this pin up for church.