Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2nd

for a husband who always thinks of others first. Any others. Our family. His siblings & mom. My parents. His nieces & nephews. My siblings. Their kids. His friends & their families. People he works with. Our ward & neighborhood friends.... then maybe himself. Maybe.
Sometimes I get really mad because a lot (a LA-HA-HA-HAHOT) of the time people (myself included) don't fully appreciate and/or reciprocate. This guy would give you the shirt off his back & then carry you home.
There has never been a time that I have not been proud to be his wife, but there have been many times that I've wondered how I got so lucky or what I did to deserve him. Actually that's what I spend the better part of my day doing; wondering why he puts up with me.
Matt is also super, freakishly creative. His brother just had a baby, (well, Stacey was really the one doing the work...) and I wanted to make them some cute onesies, but couldn't think of what to make. Within ten minutes Matt had about six designs, this'n is my favorite.

And here is Mr. Sullivan Monroe Davis modeling the rocketship.

He also got a guitar

& an "I heart bluegrass" shirt.

So, do you see what I mean about the creativity? It's crazy. He's so much fun to be married to. Just for the FHEs alone...
Also he's hot.
I am a lucky gal indeed.

But about those onesies....you think anyone'd buy them if I set up an etsy shop or got them in some boutiques? What pricepoint would be good? What designs would you like fer yer kiddos?

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Schmath said...

I love love love the onsies! You should definitely sell them!