Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5th

whatever the generic of Wellbutrin XL is. That. I'm thankful for that. I think I used exercise as my antidepressant for a looooong time, it wasn't until after Sawyer was born & I was left with icky postpartum ickiness that I decided to supplement with a low dose of a lil somfin-somfin. Prozac worked but left me a cold-hearted, joyless, unaffectionate wench, so we messed around until we found what worked best.
This last week though, I accidentally let my prescription lapse. I just couldn't get in to pick the dang thing up, which is weird cuz I'm usually at Target at least every 36 hours, if not more frequently. At first I was thinking, "huh, maybe I can lay off the sauce, I'm doing ok". Not so much. $4 a month is totally worth it to not have self-defeating obsessive thoughts, to not want to lock my children in the bathroom, and to not randomly have fantasies of getting in a car accident and seeing my own brains splattered across the asphalt. I'd say that's the bargain of the decade, actually. One of my sisters manages great with an herbal supplement cocktail she has come up with, but for now I'm cool with, and extremely grateful for, popping a pill before bed every night.

GOOOOO SCIENCE!!! (double pump finger shake)

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Diana said...

I continue to be amazed by you. I have idolized you from afar, but stalking your blog has made me even more impressed. You have such an openness that makes you seem real and knowing that you are real makes me even more in awe. Thanks for sharing what you love, what is hard in life and what are blessings. (I hope since I never make a comment, I can get away with a really long one this time.)

Kierstin said...

Amen, sista! You know I love the drugs ;) love you

s mills said...

Thanks for being so open, I look foward to finding the same relief!