Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7th

My one & only brother turned 33 (I think) today. Sometimes I think we were actually meant to be twins because I have a rather strong, sometimes irrational sibling love for him. We haven't been able to spend much time together during this particular stage in our lives, and bless our hearts, we both kinda suck at staying in touch by phone, but I hope he knows that I adore him & would do anything for him. After I got divorced I really relied on him to help me figure out what was next for me. We hung out a fair bit together at that time & I have great memories of talks we had. There was one odd birthday, I think I was 22, I had just broken up with a guy & was feeling like a loser, my awesome roommate Liz pulled a few of our friends together kinda last minute to take me out to dinner (cuz I had planned on boyfriend taking me out...) and Doug came along. So it was me, Liz, Lindy, some guy Liz was dating at the time, my old high school boyfriend whom I had recently re-friended and Doug. I remember looking around our strange little group & thinking that each of these people have come into my life for a reason ('cept maybe Liz's date, I can't even remember his name) and I'm so grateful for the role they've played. I don't really talk to any of the others anymore, but my big brother has always, and I'd venture to say, will always be there for me. He is such a great example of loyalty, patience, kindness & humility. I love love LOVE his laugh! It is seriously awesome. He is an amazing husband too. I guess that's what you get when you are raised with six sisters, each nuttier than the next, you kinda come to understand these hormonal weirdos known as women. Shannon is a lucky gal. (and he's pretty lucky to have her, too).
I love you Doug!
Happy Birthday!

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