Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3rd

Once upon a time I (well we really) had the single greatest dog known to man. I'm still in love with her. I could be a fantastic actress because I can force a for real cry just by thinking about not having her anymore. I'm just grateful that we ever got to have her at all, but you can be sure that God & I are gonna have a sit-down about this BS known as allergies. Really? What is the point?
I think we have about six framed portraits of Charlie up on our walls thanks in part to the amazing Mrs Ashley Thalman.
We were so lucky to be the recipients of bruised shins from her freakishly muscular tail-wags; super blessed to have been able to sweep up insane amounts of hair on a daily basis. Things I once cursed I now find myself missing like mad. And I don't even want to think about Abes trying to learn to feed himself without her to clean my floors for me. (groan)
Sorry to mention her yet again, but no one reads this anyway, so so there!

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James and Jenni McBride said...

I read it and I am sorry! :(