Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 6th

Today is Abram's 1/2 birthday so I think it's fitting that he be the subject of my adoration today. Well, he's that everyday, but, you know.

We kinda had to work to get this kid here. Two miscarriages in a row along with lengthy periods of "trying" in between was not what I was expecting. The thing that sucks is that an estimated 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. I wish someone had told me that earlier. I could have avoided a shiload of thinking it was my fault. Anyway, he was totally worth every minute.

I firmly believe that the importance of the timing of his coming into our family is going to one day become evident & it will be awesome. He's such a strong little guy in so many ways. I'm so glad I was able to deliver him the way I did & the marvelous experience Matt & I had together.

Abram belongs with us beyond a shadow of a doubt. I love the way he is super alert & aware of everyone around him. I love how I could set a clock by his sweet little self. Right now he's up for two hours, nap for two hours, up for two hours, nap for two hours. By 8pm he's begging to be put to bed. Buddy likes his sleep. And his bath. And his sister.

Oh boy, does he like his sister. He absolutely lights up when he sees her. He turns immediately toward her voice. He giggles like a maniac at everything she does. He loves to play airplane, to suck his thumb through a sheet of my hair, his little monkey lovey and his little duplo farm.

This dude is predictable & easy to please. I lovelovelove how he goes to sleep. If I catch him at just the right time I'll lay him down, hand him his monkey & he just tucks it under his arm, rolls toward the wall & sticks his thumb in his mouth. "Peace out, Mom."

The dude is awesome. I'm super pumped to see his life unfold. I'm super grateful to be his momma.
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