Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's an Easter miracle!!!

No, really it totally is. When we woke up today our sweet little tulips looked like this:

Then, in an act of great faith, I watered them. (yes, watering them would have been a great idea say, yesterday...)
In a matter of an hour or two, this is what they look like:

Yay for the resurrection! I've been thinking about new life, about spring & how all things manifest that there is a God, and that He loves & knows each of us. I pray that I can be more conscious of these facts throughout each day & that my actions will reflect my knowledge that His opinion is the only one that matters.
Speaking of opinions though.... I'd like yours. About high-chairs. See that breakfast in bed table thing behind my tulips? That's what Abram has been eating off of. Only it's usually on the floor, somewhat akin to the way a dog eats. I took his old high chair to Kid to Kid yesterday as I hated it. It was impossible to clean & highly nasty. So, we need a new high chair STAT. You know, so the boy doesn't have to eat like Charlie-style anymore. Do you have a high chair that you love? What is it please?
Thank you & Happy Easter to you.
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Janae said...

Yes, I have a high chair that I love. And it sits in my basement sometimes for long periods of time just waiting for me to babysit someone who needs it. SO, you could even try it out before you go buy one of your own if you'd like.
We have Chicco Polly whatever:

I like it because it's easy to wash. comes with 2 washable trays, it folds up super easy. its super easy to adjust the height, the incline, the tray, etc.

We bought it especially because it was the only one that could adjust to fit rylee in with her cast on, and i was so glad I got it. It is way nicer than the graco one we had before. I know there are others similar to this model, but I think it's just about perfect.

If you want to come snag it out of my basement and see what you think, be my guest! I'd just give it to you, but I do want to have one around because we do use it quite often with nieces and nephews, etc.

Getting Fit said...

Clippy-Chair all the way baby! I got rid of our high chair when Mikaela was a baby, purchased our amazing clip chair, and never looked back. And you may use it, if you'd like :)

Melissa said...

Hey thanks for your comment Celeste.
I appreciate it.
I got one of those booster chairs and put it on the stool up to the breakfast tables so they're high enough.
No tray to clean just the counter top which as to be cleaned cause of the rest of my kids anyway.........then you can also use it at the dinner table when they get older as well.