Wednesday, April 13, 2011

boooo for preschool pet day

today sawyer had "pet day" at her school. everyone brought their pets & showed them off. the kids asked questions about and got to pet the pets. there were 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle and sawyer's pictures of her fish Goldie and Charlie. I asked her as I picked her up if her friends liked her pets. She said that some kids asked about her fish, but no one asked about Charlie. She said "I sure wish Charlie could have come to pet day with me. In real life, not just a picture."
I'm sure no one wants to hear me whine about this anymore, but when do I get over this? When is it going to not suck the breath out of me to hear her say things like that? It doesn't help that I miss her like crazy too. It doesn't help that I have this core belief that kids, boys in particular, need a partner in crime, a friend that always wants to play, a strong back to lean against and someone to run wild through fields with. It kills me that Abram won't ever know her and that Sawyer is slowly forgetting her.


Jen Nelson said...

Awwww :(

this makes my heart sad for you.

It just sucks!

T.A.T.I Crew said...

Boo. This post made me sad.

We have been without our two boxers for 4 years now, and my 7-year-old still prays for them.

So sorry. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.