Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things I should blog about...

...but instead I'm watching Happy Endings on hulu. (awesome btw)
- spring break in St. George
- Sawyer's first loose tooth
- kicking 3 of Sawyer's friends out of our house (just for you, Lola)
- the first annual (hopefully) Miller girl's weekend
- the fact the Abram loves cars and somehow figured out the appropriate sound effects to make as he drives them around the house and that it is the single cutest thing on the entire planet
- the 90 day healthy eating challenge I am attempting
- how amazing I am at calling the American Idol winner
- the garden that might be...
- the drama of choosing a school for my kid
One day perhaps...

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T.A.T.I Crew said...

Kicking your daughter's friends out of the house?

Do tell. . .