Tuesday, April 26, 2011

vroom vroom

Abram likes cars
I like that Abram likes cars
Abram makes driving noises, deep manly driving noises
I love his driving noises
Abram loves it when I drive cars along his arms & across his head
But I've never made driving noises at himI don't know how he knows that this little toy with wheels is a car and that it should go vrrroomIs there a sound effect gene? One that is stronger in boys than in girls?

Here are some other things Abram loves at nearly one year old (gah!).... waving bye-bye to people and to indicate that he is done eating.... clapping when he's done something he thinks is pretty cool and when he's ready to go to sleep & we start getting him in his pjs.... Sawyer. He ADORES his big sister like no other.... wrestling. Particularly with our whole family in bed in the morning, it's his favorite
.... the miniature playground at Cookie Cutters. We took Sawyer for a haircut today & he spent the entire time stomping up the steps & sliding down the slide....all by his onesie!

I'm shocked sometimes at how much this little guy has me wrapped around his little finger. Maybe I shouldn't be, have you seen his dimples?

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Janae said...

He is too stinking cute. I want to come see him make his vroom noises. but not today. I have a fever today and i certainly don't want to give it to him. But he seriously is the cutest little man ever.