Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break in Saint Geezy- Day Uno

the following post was written Monday April 4th and is the first installment in an attempt to catch up on my blogging. Please note that although it is entitled "day uno" there will be no "day dos" or anything else for that matter. Consider the matter of St. George Spring Break 2011 closed, and just know that it was a whole lot of fun, and a lot more of this:

wake up, feed babies, dress babies, delight in babies' sweet relationship with each other & their sweet cousins, lay babiest baby down, then run stairs & do the first day of deadly insanity work out program, wish i hadn't. (but not really. I secretly loved every sucky second) cold shower, pack an awesome picnic & take it to the pool, watch Sawyer win about 15 imaginary races across the pool, snuggle with Abram in the perfect temperature hot tub, lay Abes down again & color with my girl, share turkey jerky & spray cheese with crackers, go swimming again this time with Kari & Sydney, go swimming again this time with Max & Davis & Ricky, go to the Pizza Factory, enjoy gigantic breadtwists & veggie pizza, secretly wish to punch undersupervised children in restaurants, go to grocery store & get cupcake experimenting supplies and a bag of animal cookies, eat too many animal cookies, put the boy to bed, suffer through dancing with the stars (man, that show is awful. if i didn't love my MIL so much...), chat with one of my all-time favorite people on the planet, watch part of megamind, walk back to our condo making weird shadows & weirder stories about them with my favorite girl, post a boring post, go to bed early? p.s. did you see this? I just nominated myself the captain of Team Gale.

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