Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've been tagged!

This tag is particularly annoying because of two reasons: 1)I am extremely NOT motivated to do any sort of housework today. Actually it's been a few days. My house is in a pathetic state. 2)when I'm not wanting to do what I should be doing, I blog. So combine those two with a tag that involves pictures of my house and you got a lovely, not always true picture of my house. Crap. Don't judge me okay? Jesus doesn't want you to. He loves me. Anyway, here goes, I hate you Laura. :)

My Kitchen Sink
grrr, I've been meaning to go at this with Ajax for like a week. Sick, huh?
My Favorite Room in the House

really the only place we ever hang out because it's front room, dining room, living room & kitchen all in one. A crappy arrangement if you aren't Kierstin Spjut & a clean freak 24/7. (do people even say that anymore? i just felt like a total nerd.)
My Fridge

I do love this fridge, but I'm in the middle of cupcake season, so it's mostly full of frostings & fillings right now.
My Laundry Pile

The one thing I'm going to accomplish today.
My Favorite Shoes

yeah, finally something fun! These floral ones were my Easter shoes, refer to that post to fully understand my love for them
These purple ones are much radder in real life.The lingerie-lookin' ones are just as sexy as a shoe can get. They were destiny, BCBG semi-annual sale, only one size left, MINE & they were what? Oh, yeah, $19!

My closet

What my Kid is Doing Right Now
There's no way I'm going in there, she was a demon to put to bed tonight.

My Most Recent Purchase
Cute little dishtowels from Michael's, hoping to inspire myself to clean my kitchen.

Self Portrait
this is my version of one of those skanky chics on myspace minus the cleavage.

Now I tag whoever wants to bust out their camera & go for it!


Angie said...

I ran across your blog from the Viewmont website and I love it! You are seriously so cute. You should be a cake person and a writer. :)

Anyway, I just thought I would drop a note and say hello and that I keep coming back for more postings. I hope you remember me and aren't just scared that some random person is stalking you. :) I will see you at the reunion.

Take care, Angie Neeleman

Melissa said...

Man I could see why you'd hate this post. I would hate Laura too LOL
Anyway very brave of you to post it though.
Very funny.
I love it.

Dugovic Domain said...

Ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha! Nice job! I had to pick on you because I knew you were a shoe girl! And I was right to do so, your shoes rock! And your self portrait is my favorite of all time! You nailed it! Soooo myspace skany chick - yesssss!

The Neilson Family said...

No freaking way I am doing that tag. Yours was nicely done, though. I need to have you over so I am motivated to clean. I only clean when people are expected. If I don't answer the door, it's because you're not expected and my place is a pig pen.