Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Golden Book Tresury

Somehow I came to have in my possession 2 of my very, very favorite books from growing up. It, of course, has nothing to do with Matt & I living at my parents house while they were on their first mission, and they didn't accidentally end up in our boxes; I don't know what happened. I think that these books just like me better than my other siblings and hitch-hiked home with us one day. Originally they were a set of four big beautiful books, originally being clear back in 1968, so in the 12 years that transpired before I was even born, a lot of carnage had beset these poor little guys. But Sawyer has completely fallen in love with their beautiful illustrations and stories, just like I did. So when we took them to Seattle last month, I was nearly in tears when I realized that I left one of them on the plane on the way home. It was awful. Because that was my very favorite one, the one with the most gorgeous version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, my favorite fairy tale. Anyway, because their covers had been ripped off sometime in their 40 years, it was nearly impossible for me to figure out what they were called, let alone find them, but after some serious ebaying & amazoning, here they are, in my mailbox! I cannot tell you how many memories these hold for me. These new ones are in great shape, the only marking on them is a sweet inscription, and I feel back for Scot who clearly didn't appreciate them like I did. I'd rather the markings were made by my siblings, who frankly, were very well versed in the art of marking up books, but they will do. Maybe Sawyer & her siblings can mark these up, and have them for another 40 years! I love how small the world has become through the internet, it's really amazing. I'm so excited for Sawyer to wake up so I can show these to her! It's gonna be awesome!

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Melissa said...

Oh that is the best news Celeste. I'm so glad you got those books. I have my very favourite books from my childhood as well. I've almost got all of them. Just a few to go.
Masaru loves them too.