Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have a testimony...

...of my new skin care routine.
I have always had great skin, but since having Sawyer I have gotten more zits than I ever did in junior high & high school combined. It makes me a wee bit annoyed. It is physically impossible for me to not pop zits, and therefore I am getting icky scars on my face. Not lovely.
But I recently discovered a few new products that I am in love with and I think it would be rude to not share.

#1- Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Wipes. I always wash my face in the shower, but at night, it's like pulling teeth to get me to take my makeup off, and Loreli Gilmore would be ashamed of me. I have often wished that I could give my face & teeth to Matt & have him take care of them while I snuggled in bed. But guess what, these little buddies fit right in my nightstand & one is all I need to get all my makeup off and have that "just got a facial" yummy feeling. My skin is back to good again!

#2- I am determined to have great skin when I'm 90. Sunblock, check! Vitamins, check! Lots of water, check! Sunglasses to prevent squinting, check! But I recently bought my first wrinkle cream & I am in love with it. It took a few days for my face to get used to it, but now I put it on every night and I totally feel firmer. Get it at Costco in a two-pack for much, much cheaper.

#3- The retinol in the RoC makes your skin more susceptible to sunburn, so be sure to load up on sunscreen in the morning. I especially love this'n. Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30 is bueno.
So yeah, there ya go. If you have any suggestions, or favorite products, let me know.


Melissa said...

I struggle at nights too.
Thanks for the info.

WowsRose said...

Yes, the night thing. The zit thing. I was fortunate during my teens to get one big humdinger of a zit at a time (so embarrassing) every few weeks and after having three kids, I breakout worse now!!!! The hormones ! GO AWAY!

I am totally getting some of those face wipes next time I'm out. I take care to use soft-antiallergetic wipes on the kids butts but don't give a crap about my face. Go figure. Not anymore! LOL

I (heart) aveeno products.