Monday, April 20, 2009

ummm p.s.

just in case you were wondering, I've got a few significant news flashes for ya'll:
1- $500 does not actually go as far as it seems
2- I don't care what the commercials say, the Mayan restaurant has in fact NOT improved their food quality
3- having my parents home after 18 months is the BEST EVER!!!!
4- moving my computer to the basement has increased productivity at my house like you would NOT believe! Did you know that it is not actually necessary to get each email as soon as it dings into your inbox? Were you aware that IMDB-ing every movie related question that randomly pops into your head as you clean doesn't really help you get your cleaning done very quickly? Who would have thought?
5- I am going to be in San Diego this time next week. :p (that's me sticking my tounge out at you.)


Melissa said...

What did the five hundie go on?

Lynette said...

Hey Celeste. This is Lynette Curtin, from the ward. Though you probably have no idea who I am. I found your blog a while ago. I teach in Primary and Sawyer is always so dang cute!

Kierstin said...

You are funny. You are a whore for not giving that money to me though. boo whore! :P (call me when you get home and we'll have a playdate/lunch at my home again, K? love you lots (I'm still pissed that I didn't take a picture of my awesome birthday cake that you made for me and Kirsten... that was classic and only we can understand how appropriate that word can be for us!)

Ashley Thalman said...

I really love the way you write. Have I ever told you that?

Well, consider yourself told.

When are we doing your session?

Celeste said...

Melissa, I spent only half of the money, the other half is going to Matt for his birthday suit. (not his nakedness, he gets a suit for his birthday.) You'd be ashamed of me, I spent $160 on a pair of jeans, and the rest at the Mac counter.
Lynette, I do too know you, and now I'm stalking your blog, so thanks! Your little girl is such a doll!
Kierstin, there is a picture of that cake on my cake blog, your ugly face is ruining it though. Good thing Mia is also in it or else I'd have to burn it. I love you.
Ash, no, I love how YOU write! I feel like I need a reason to do a shoot with you, now that I'm not so very preggers, what should I do? Just me and Sawyer & our dog? Just the girls, cuz it's like pulling teeth to get Matt pumped for pictures. I don't want to waste a good shoot on just nothing! You know what I mean?

Lynette said...

I'm glad you know who I am--that makes my blog stalking less awkward. We made our blog private and I think I have your address from the Relief Society list, I'll send you an invite.