Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's official: I'm spoiled

Yesterday I had pretty much worked my booty off trying to get our poor neglected house back into some semblance of order. Sawyer & I have been taking it easy this week because we've been sick. It's an annoying kind of sick though, because we aren't like, gonna die, we can pretty much do everything normally, we just have lots & lots of phlegm-friends that come along with us and coughing in public isn't appreciated. But not taking it easy last week did not help us get better & so this week we're staying in as much as possible. Obviously, the house has suffered. It looks like a used kleenex storage facility. There are toys in every possible nook & cranny. Or at least there were until yesterday. It was very very clean when Matt came home. (of course that only lasts for about 20 minutes with a kid, but whatever.) Anyway, Matt was supposed to have been working late & I had some plans to grout our tile while he was gone, and amaze him with a clean, completely grouted house. I left the bags of grout on our stairs in the garage, right where I wouldn't forget about doing it. Unfortunatley, parking cars in our luxury-sized Ivory homes garage requires an advaced degree in Tetris. Everything has to be in the proper place or else things don't fit in at all. Apparently Matt's nice new car overlaps the stairs, and putting the bags of grout where I did caused a bit of damage. Last week I put the stroller in the wrong place & scratched up his front fender. Anyway, when he came home, let's just say that the first thing that came out of his mouth was not "wow, Celeste, this place looks amazing, you must be tired, let me make dinner," like I was hoping. And of course I lack the ability to take criticism without becoming completley defensive and arrogant. Fortuntaley, we're talking about Matt Davis here. He is so incredibly perfect for me & didn't fuel my irrational fire, but looked at things from my point of view & made everything better even as I was turning things all around & being mad and stuff. Anyway, not only is he amazing & un-prideful and sexy, but he's also extremley generous. I got an early Mother's Day present. It's one of those cute little netbooks, a tiny laptop mostly for internet usage! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! There goes my productivitiy, right back down the toilet! I have named him Tiny Little SuperGuy. Which reminds me.
How great is Sesame Street? Besides Kirsten & Kierstin, I don't know who else would come up with the idea to draw a little dude on a cup.

"Hey, let's have him just go through countertops & walls, that'd be cool!"
"Yeah, and what if he sounded like a life-long smoker? Great idea!"
I love it.


Kierstin said...

HAAADFHAIASHHAHAAAAAA!! I am laughing so hard right now from the end of your post! I can TOTALLY picture Kirsten and I coming up with a stupid kid show like that. Hey! Let's do it :) We'd be millionaires over night. I just know it. love you xo

schmath said...

an advanced degree in tetris... you're hilarious.

AndersonFamily said...

thats way funny!! teeny little superguy is what mom calls Lucas :) how are you btw?