Monday, April 13, 2009

I just won $500 at my gym. Cash Money!!!

What would you do if you won $500? I cannot even wrap my brain around it.


Jessica Kettle said...

you've gotta be effing kidding me??!!

we are going to have one ROCKIN trip to zara.

Melissa said...

What the hell?
Alright details, mate, details.
How did you win it?
What would I do with $500?
Probably get some maternity pants. I've got none and feel sorry for myself.
You should get a piece of furniture you REALLY want but thought it was too pricey to get.
Oooooooooo I've always wanted to go to one of those all day Spa places.
I've never had a massage, manicure, facial etc.

Kierstin said...

give it to one of your BFF's?? yes. definately one named kierstin colleen spjut laws. yes, that's the one. xo

don't be stingy, Celeste.

Lisa said...