Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I {heart} the entire blog-world

Every morning I wake up about 7:30, roll over, snag my iphone. I have promised myself that before I would check email or blogs in the morning, I will read scriptures, which frankly are delightful on the iphone, it's a great way to wake up. Then once all the spiritual crap is out of the way, I delve right into the blog-worldly crap. Matt is still sleeping beside me, so he can't even give me any lip about how addicted I am to reading about my friends whether they be pseudo-friends or real live in the flesh ones. Its really a lovely way to start the day. Especially today. Seriously here is what I woke up to:
a) four comments on my blog from peeps I love being proud of my uterus for keeping the kid around this long
b) grocery store musical improv. Are you kidding? I don't even remember how I stumbled upon a "freelance photographer/street performer living in Brooklyn", but I am ever so glad I did. Color Me Katie is usually delightful, but today I about peed myself watching this clip. Trust me, you want to go to there.
c) The Utah blog world is very small, and apparently it extends to Sparks, Nevada. A ton on my friends have links to Meg's well-written blog, and I (gladly) followed the crowd across the stateline. She's just so witty. But today's remarks were particularly touching & a good reminder of how awesome our female heritage is. If you have breasts and the other parts that go along with them, read this. (actually no, I shouldn't' say that, I'd be fine if you had had a hysterectomy or even a double mastectomy. Women should read it. Now.)
d) Then we have Lola. I've linked to her many a time, she's my concert buddy, my most down for anything friend, my sista in our single childness in a world of moms with four kids. I ADORE this woman. She is quite the writer herself, not even kidding. (Hey! We forgot to have me read your opening paragraph this weekend, you hooker!) Her posts generally leave me in tears, either from laughing at her huge long rant about Kanye West, or bawling about the retardedly gut-wrenching fertility problems her family has experienced. Then you have her photography skills, and her BEAUTIFUL son Kortland who really sucks at having his picture taken as you'll see here. Reading Lola is exactly like talking to Laura, and due to the fact that she lives waaaay too far away from me, that is a good thing. Oh, and then there are the dogs, particularly Bubbuh who I would, not even kidding, commit grand theft canine in a minute just to have a few hours of his love.
Sure, blogs can set us up for some serious comparing & competing issues. It can allow us to see everyone's best self, and put it up against our worst selves, but that is dumb. Cut it out. The blogs I adore and that make my day are the ones that are real and honest. I'm having mine made into a blurb book, and though there are some things I'd like to edit, I have forbidden myself from doing so. That was how I felt then. I don't want to forget the crappy times and the dumb things. A life glossed over with rainbows and butterflies isn't what I want to read about. Heck, I don't even want to live it. Ewww.


Melissa said...

I'm glad you've had your blog made into a book.
I love my books and look forward to making my third year one at Christmas.

Diana said...

Thanks for the links to more blogs. I admit I am addicted to blogs and I am happy about that. "Let's squish our fruit together!"

the Lola Letters said...

Ummm, it's a good thing that you live far, far away, because if you were within my reach, I would have thrown your back out with a mega, ultra piggy front of love right about now...I'm just sayin'

That can't be good for the little dude.

On another note... The Grocery Store Musical? I am in love. I'm totally going to have to do one of my own!

meg said...

I'm so glad you liked. We women are rather awesome and when we take a second to remember that, I believe it compounds our abilities for greatness.

Thank you for the honor of being a part of your morning ritual.

Oh, and give me a freakin' break, would ya? I am so not a Utah blog. Haven't lived there for 9 years, am not a Mormom mommy, and am awfully proud to be a Nevadan... C'mon...

Brittany said...

I am reading your blog and leaving you a comment on my phone!!! I am really bad it is my life. I am so happy for your litle pouch. I love it. And Jess told me about what you guys are doing at Christmas with finding out the sex that is so exciting. I love it.