Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SYTYCD anyone?

Extra ticket up for grabs. Saturday November 7th. 7:30 pm. Only catch: $70.
Bonuses include spending the evening with myself, Lola, my amazing madre-in-law Susie, and darling niece Caroline.
Interested? Comment please. Good time guaranteed. I went last year and seriously, if you like the show at all, you will not regret going. Remember Jason & Janine doing the Jason Mraz song "if it kills me"? Ugh. Freaking hot. Oh my gosh, and the breast cancer dance? And Phillip Chebeb's dance with Janine where they fight & end up on the floor. That one was so cute! I hope they have Phil just freestyle for like three hours. Oh my stars, I'm sooo excited!

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Jolene said...

I am jealous. I would love to go. I love SYTYCD. I am mad though because my DVR says it taped it tonight, but it is not really there. Oh, and her name is Jeanine.