Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anyone wanna be a huge nerd with me?

When Twilight came out I acted too cool for school and didn't go to see it for like two weeks or something. Like I was above all the screaming hormonal fans and/or bored Mormon moms. Well I'm not. And I am really excited for New Moon. Call me easily entertained if you will, it's certainly true, but I really, RE-HEHE-LLY want to go to a midnight screening on Thursday the 19th. Thing is that they're getting close to selling out, and I'm not about to go by my onesie. So who wants in? Let me know soooon! I'll love you forever.
UPDATE: uh, upon further inspection, the only midnight show with more than one seat left is at thanksgiving point and they are all on the front two rows. The 3:00am shows are even filling up. Let me know.

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Kierstin said...

A guy my mom works with rented a movie theatre for November 21st. She could only get a few tickets and invited me and my grandma. I'm actually excited to see this one... I am a fan of Jacob... mmm. :) p.s. I am going to e-mail you my kids schedule for Tuesday-Thursday night. My mom will sleep over Monday night because we leave at 4am on Tuesday morning and she will stay with the kids on Thursday night and through the weekend.

tanalicious said...

if i hadnt hated the first movie so badly i'd actually think about it. but alas. i value my time too much to waste it again. boo.

although, the jacob they've picked is quite a piece of meat.. mmmmm..

Kierstin said...

yes, i am on crack, but crack is so good. want some?

Chris & Missy said...

Ya. I used to be like that too. I refused to read the books because of that same reason, too much hype blah, blah blah. My sister actually dragged me to the Twilight movie and to my surprise I loved it, then became obsessed!! (So embarassing). I would totally go with you, if it wasn't on Thursday night (Friday morning). I work Friday's !! If ya don't find anyone, I will go the next night!! Get back to me!

P.S. Miss you guys!