Sunday, October 18, 2009

puppy play-date anyone?

I'm looking for someone who has a full-size poodle so that I can see if Sawyer reacts to them. I am seriously dying without a dog. There is still the matter of Matt not at all being a fan of this idea. In fact somedays I'm not so sure about it either. But I really can't imagine us going the rest of our lives without a dog. Not that I could ever replace Charlie, but I hope that I will be able to stop my biweekly bawl-fests at some point. I've been doing a ton of research & it actually sounds like a poodle would be a great match for our family. Which is weird because I've always kinda hated them. Without knowing a single one. Judgemental, much?
Anyway, do you know anyone?


Kierstin said...

I've got nothin' but a little brown wiener. no fluffy poodle here.

the Lola Letters said...

Standard (aka huge-A)Poodles are the bomb dot com!!!!

My friend's parents had one, and she said that they were totally allergic to all other dogs, but NOT AT ALL allergic to poodles...

So definitely have Sawyer rub a poodle all up in her face and see what happens!

(And yes, I understand that this comment is "so wrong" on "so many levels" and such. ;) Sorry.